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Witch - Episode 1.03

Things are hard. Things are so hard. We’ve been ripped apart, pulled so far, both of us.


Tara: [despairing] I c-can explain...

Ezra: I can’t believe anything you say.


No one believes…


Kaspar: [hard] Look, I’m not interested in games. No mind games, no avoiding, I want a straight answer.

Tara: I’m a w-

Kaspar: You’re not one of us. You could never be one of us.


[The door slides open while Tara is tied to the chair, the witches walk in.]

Tara VO: I’m telling you the truth, I c-can’t give you any other answer.

Kaspar VO: Don’t lie to me.

Tara VO: Come on! You have to believe me! Th-this is a lie!


No one trusts...


Drake: This is war.


Ezra: So we’re going to finish this are we? Finally come out of the shadows.

Tara: I want this over.


You’re in the arms, in the hands of your enemy, and who knows what your enemy are going to do with you now.


It’s all over.

[Tara walks away into the darkness.]

Witch Episode 1.03 "Liar"


Previous episodes - 1.01 and 1.02

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