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Monday, August 16th, 2010
8:10 am - KSB Fanfiction: Eternally Yours, Chapter Four

Hi, please call me Trinket or Enzers. This fanfiction is the first one I've written since 1997 and that was for Sailor Moon back then when I was in middle school and had not had a lot of experience with writing. My writing for the last thirteen years has been mostly in role-plays -- of which I managed to get into advanced ones, until I had to many courses during college to keep up. I do write originals... but my current original I've decided to keep offline... but here's some fanfiction I did of my favorite Yaoi couple.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters seen from Koi Suru Bo-kun, they belong to Takanaga Hinako.
Author: tatsumi_senpai 
Beta: Currently none, searching
Title: Eternally Yours
Warning: possibly language, kissing, maybe slightly OC, Yaoi (as in two men)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: After getting home from the airport, Morinaga and Senpai talk very shortly, before senpai locks himself away in his bedroom. However that doesn't last very long... feeling he needs to take a shower...but...


Previous Chapters:
Prologue: Souls in Waiting  |  Chapter One: Missing You  |  Chapter Two: Tumultuous Thoughts  | 
| Chapter Three : Retunring Home to Japan |
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Friday, January 23rd, 2009
9:22 am - fanfiction


Hi everyone! I just started writing my first fan-fiction. I've been writing for almost ten years, usually short stories or poetry. I thought I'd try my hand at fan-fiction, hoping it will help me to work on my novel writing skills. : ) I'd love some readers, especially with reviews! Thank you!

Title: Breathing in Sequence.
Category: Twilight Fan-fiction; Books.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything Twilight-related; I am just a fangirl.
Rating: Mature. For "questionable" themes.
Summary: Picking up in the hospital after Bella is lured into the dance studio, we find that it was actually Laurent who attacked her. Crushed by his inability to be better for Bella, Edward retreats into himself until he finally leaves Bella alone in the woods, hoping that she will be able to go back to a normal life. But as even Edward once said, he is not always the most dangerous thing in those woods. Struggling to come to terms with herself and her life, Bella searches for something, anything. Distancing herself from friends and family, Bella seems doomed to a life of empty loneliness. That is, until she runs in to the last person she would have expected.
Pairings: Laurent+Victoria. A/J. C/E. R/E. I won't say who Bella is with. :P
Author's Notes: Please read and review! I'd love to get some feedback. Also, this fic may have some ethically questionable content; and that in no way means i support/condone/etc the actions. It is simply part of the plot, and if you are okay with that than please feel free to read. : ) Also, in order to read the chapters you need to "join" the community. It's hardly a community though, it's entirely my fanfiction and I'm the only one with posting access. It's open membership & all that.

prologue | chapter one | chapter two
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Monday, September 22nd, 2008
3:01 pm - First Annual Main Street Stage Short Play Festival


Attention Playwrights!

Main Street Stage presents its First Annual Short Play Festival, featuring pieces written by You! Submit your one-act plays (15 to 30 minutes in length) by November 15th for a chance to see them performed by living, breathing people this January! E-mail all scripts to
aulde272@strose.edu, or mail them, along with a SASE, to: Short Play Festival, P.O. Box 137, North Adams, MA 01247. Include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail on all submissions. Multiple submissions are not only accepted, but encouraged. For any
questions or concerns, contact Eric K. Auld at (518) 610-2574.

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Thursday, September 18th, 2008
9:14 pm - New online magazine now accepting writing/art submissions!


an online magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy with a twist

Crossed Genres is a new online magazine inspired by an altered version of the Genre Challenge (genrechallenge).

Every month, Crossed Genres posts a new genre. Writers and artists have one month to submit stories and art that combine the chosen genre with some aspect of Science Fiction and/or Fantasy. All submissions are considered for publication (read the submission guidelines.) Crossed Genres will also contain interviews, and articles about the current genre, SF/F in general and the craft and business of writing. The Magazine is free! Please sign up to get the mailing list!

We also have a growing list of writer-related links (suggest a new one!), forums discussing all aspects of writing, and more!

So please visit the website, and sign up for the mailing list! The first genre has been posted and is accepting submissions for Issue #1, to be released December 1. Please consider making a submission!
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Tuesday, September 9th, 2008
6:17 pm - readerjack.com is looking for writers!


is an internet publisher where all authors can publish their work in ebook format. Authors maintain 100% ownership of their work, each ebook is copyright protected and assigned an ISBN, and authors receive royalties for each book sold.

Most publishers won't take a chance on new authors. JK Rowling's Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was refused by 11 publishers before the 12th said they would publish her book. Now she's one of the most well-known writers in the world. What if she had not submitted it the 12th time?

readerjack.com publishes all authors, and gives them the opportunity to have their work recognized. Authors retain 100% ownership of their work, and are free to market it however they choose. readerjack.com has made it possible for authors to get published and expose their work in a way no other publisher has before.

We're currently holding a poetry contest, as well as a Halloween short story contest. More information is available at our Livejournal community, readerjack_lj or at our website.</lj>
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Friday, June 20th, 2008
10:39 pm

Hey there, just starting out and working on an extended project. I write fantasy, with a realistic edge to it.

The premise:

The diary of a trainee, or side-kick as he learns what it means to be under the shadow of a hero and where his place in the world is. Marty is a recently graduated soldier training under an Ordinator, named Gracon, who is a decorated warrior.

Outside The Limelight
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Sunday, February 3rd, 2008
7:24 pm - Witch - Episode 1.06 - Burn


[We zoom in on Tara’s sleeping face her eyes gently flutter open and shimmer, teasing themselves open. She quickly sits up and looks around at her surroundings in bewilderment.]

Tara: Where-

[Abruptly cut to: Ezra’s face.]

Ezra: Are we?


The witches have been banished away from home…

To another time. And all they can do - is hope.Collapse )

[Kaspar sees a shadowed figure walking up the path to the witch hunters’ house. The figure gets further and further into the light above the door, further, further, further…]

Kaspar: Oh my god…

[Fade to black.]

Thunder cracks…

Witch – 1.06 “Burn”


Witch - first episode (1.01) and previous episode (1.05)
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Monday, December 24th, 2007
7:21 pm - Witch - Episode 1.05


Tara gets a blast from her past…

Voice: Oh my god!

[Tara suddenly looks up. We move into her shocked face.]

Ezra: So are you staying long?


And things don’t go according to plan this Christmas…

Kaspar: Oh god…

Read moreCollapse )


There’s more in store than what’s under the tree this Christmas…

Witch 1.05 – A Christmas Past


Previous episodes - 1.01, 1.02, 1.03, 1.04

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Tuesday, December 18th, 2007
12:47 pm - Witch - Episode 1.04


That’s why I’m not a hero, like you - like all of them.


Voice: We’re all killers.

[There is the sound of a steady heartbeat.]

Voice: We all have the potential to kill, no matter how gentle a person may seem, may appear, there’s always the animal inside, clawing at the surface, the passion within.



Tara: Reveal to me
The answers that I seek.
So mote it be.

[Flash to: Tara on the floor in the herb circle. She suddenly screams in unison with something, or someone. Gasping, panting, sweating madly.]



Kaspar: There was a murder?

Tara: So let the snooping begin.



Autumn: [softly] I want to help, but right now I can’t. Magic is who we are. You’re all so powerful. I’ve always wanted to be like that. But I just...can’t.

I couldn’t fight back. I was just so scared. I’ve never been that frightened in my life.



Voice: You really don’t get it do you. I’m the one with the power over you. The control. I rule you. I own you.

Autumn: [terrified] Why? Why are you doing this?

That’s why I’m not a hero, like you - like all of them.


Drake: The new arrival Tara.

Fynn: You found out something about her?

Drake: From a source.


Ameya: Oh my god...


Witch 1.04 – A Knife in the Back


Previous episodes - 1.01, 1.02, 1.03

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Sunday, October 28th, 2007
4:08 pm

Title: Dear Dad; Meet What I've Become
Fandom: My Chemical Romance or Original Fic, I'm not quite sure.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Swearing, Self-mutilation, Homosexuality (but no sex)
Summary: Share the joy, share the pain.
Perspective: Second Person 

current mood: sleepy
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3:54 pm

Title: Dear Dad; Meet What I've Become
Fandom: My Chemical Romance or Original Fic, I'm not quite sure.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Swearing, Self-mutilation, Homosexuality (but no sex)
Summary: Hate your dad, blame the world, hurt yourself.
Perspective: Second Person 

current mood: sleepy
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Thursday, October 25th, 2007
10:50 am - Witch - Episode 1.03


Things are hard. Things are so hard. We’ve been ripped apart, pulled so far, both of us.


Tara: [despairing] I c-can explain...

Ezra: I can’t believe anything you say.


No one believes…


Kaspar: [hard] Look, I’m not interested in games. No mind games, no avoiding, I want a straight answer.

Tara: I’m a w-

Kaspar: You’re not one of us. You could never be one of us.


[The door slides open while Tara is tied to the chair, the witches walk in.]

Tara VO: I’m telling you the truth, I c-can’t give you any other answer.

Kaspar VO: Don’t lie to me.

Tara VO: Come on! You have to believe me! Th-this is a lie!


No one trusts...


Drake: This is war.


Ezra: So we’re going to finish this are we? Finally come out of the shadows.

Tara: I want this over.


You’re in the arms, in the hands of your enemy, and who knows what your enemy are going to do with you now.


It’s all over.

[Tara walks away into the darkness.]

Witch Episode 1.03 "Liar"


Previous episodes - 1.01 and 1.02

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Sunday, October 14th, 2007
8:08 pm - Witch - Episode 1.02


It doesn’t have to be this way, if you just trust me…


Tara’s framed.

Tara: [wary] Ezra, just th-think about this... we… we were…we were fr-friends just a few hours ago.

Ezra: Then I found out what you really are.


Tara’s on the run.

Woman: You really don’t care do you? You don’t care about what you’ve done. The lives you’ve ruined, the people you’ve damaged.

Tara: I haven’t… I h-haven’t done anything.


Tara’s alone.

Autumn: Ezra, you need to calm down, we’ll find her in the morning.

Ezra: But by then it’ll be too late!

Kaspar: We’ve been worried about you, you need to rest, you’re drained.


The only person she can count on…

Ezra: Shut up! No more lies, I’ve had enough of these lies, these games. I’m going to end this. I’m going to end you.

….Is nobody.

It doesn’t have to be this way, if you just trust me…


Witch 1.02 - Out Now.

Previous Episode (1.01) here

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Sunday, September 30th, 2007
5:32 pm - Witch - The New Virtual Series

Witch 1.01 "The Hunt"

Tara's back. She doesn't know how. She doesn't know why. But hers is not the only life or death situation when a group of witch hunters arrive, determined to burn a hole in their lives - to kill.

One tiny piece of metal, doesn't make the story over...


Drake: We care enough to do what’s right. To take action, to do what needs to be done.

Rina: You’re killers and you do it remorselessly.

Drake: We’re not killers - we’re warriors.


Tara: Who are you?

Drake: The truth.


Drake: You’re disgusting, foul, a plague on humanity, you and all your kind.

Gabriella: How? Why?

Drake: Because of what you are…



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Tuesday, August 21st, 2007
10:00 pm - Mario fanfiction

TITLE: Not a Monster
AUTHOR: Me ^^;
FANDOM: Super Mario Brothers
GENRE: Angst, hurt/comfort
PAIRING: Bowser/Peach
CHAPTERS: One-shot, so one.
SUMMARY: Anybody can inflict pain, but the strongest are the ones that can take it and still get back up.

current mood: calm
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Saturday, February 17th, 2007
9:14 pm

Title: Working Title
Authors: Lily and Darcy
Rating: G through R, I think
Summary: Anyone feel like writing us a summary? I am SO bad at summaries!
Warnings: Language, lesbian/sexual themes. We advise discretion.
Author’s Notes: This is partially based on the characters I used in my last attempt, but the story itself has been hugely revamped and expanded.

Follow the fake cut to Chapter One!

Follow the fake cut to Chapter Two!
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Saturday, January 27th, 2007
1:25 am - Rising Up, Chapter One

Hi everyone. My name is Lily, and for the longest time I've been writing fanfiction.

I am aware that this is not of the good.

However, it was a good place to start, in terms of grammar and spelling and what all. And I've decided to give original fiction a go, so please be gentle, as this is my first genuinely original piece of fiction in about seven or eight years. Hope you don't hate it.

Title: Rising Up
Fandom: none
Pairing: none for now
Rating: PG for now, but I don't see it getting a lot higher.
Author: (or alternatively, purveyor of poorly written crud): Lily
Summary: One of ten children, Katie's used to living a quiet life. Now, she can't. Because someone's determined not to let her.
Author's Notes: The big bunny made me do it!
Warnings: None at the moment, but it has the potential for possible femslash, because that's what I usually write.

Chapter One - Beginnings and EndingsCollapse )

For Bree, who listened

Also, and this is optional, here is a link to a post that introduces the Montgomery family a little more in depth. Also good if you get lost easily. There are a lot of names.

Introducing the Montgomery Family
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Monday, September 11th, 2006
10:03 pm

Hi, fellow writers. I've created a community specifically for children's book writers and illustrators. Whether successful or aspiring, please feel free to share your success stories, frustrations, tips, and accomplishments at writingforkids! Hope to see you there.
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Thursday, June 1st, 2006
1:13 pm - Fanfic from the Godzilla fandom

FEEDBACK in the form of reviews is appreciated. Concrit IS allowed even though the story is finished, I may revise it again in the future.

Title: Shezilla: The Cloning Project
Author: Me
Fandom: Godzilla
Summary: Kaijuologist Kenpachiro Satsuma finds a way to create a female of Godzilla's species. But what happens when something goes wrong?
Rating: T
Chapters: One shot, so one.
Warnings: Violence and bad language.
Timeline: After Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, but before Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla II.
Notes: Godzilla displays human-like emotions in this story. I've always loved imagining how his behavior would change if he found a female of his own kind after being lonely for so long.
Also, the dialogue is intentionally bad in some places; I'm making fun of the bad dubbing in the movies.
Exerpt: Blake opened and closed his hand in a jabber-jabber gesture and turned his attention to the two monsters outside. "Are you two going to goof around over this bird thing all day or are you going to watch Godzilla pick up his hot new date?"

"Both," Emiko replied with a smart-aleck smile.

Blake just shook his head and pulled the rubber band out of his hair, letting it fall around his shoulders. With his other hand he held the camcorder pointed at the two monsters.

He watched Godzilla and Shezilla eye each other warily, circling and sniffing. Their roaring had quieted to occasional growls, snorts and the occasional head-toss. The distance between them was getting smaller and smaller. Soon, they were standing nose to nose, smelling each other curiously.

"It looks good, they seem to be getting along so far." Kenpachiro told his colleagues, "Their interaction is fascinating!"
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Monday, February 27th, 2006
2:30 pm - on behalf of someone else


In the beginning there is only darkness. Pure, unadulterated darkness that seeps into the very pores of the universe. And then, there is the cold,so deep it seems to freeze the darkness itself. A breath in the dark, and there is life. Six shivers against the frozen darkness, and moans in pain as her nearly atrophied joints snap and pop after what seems an eternity of disuse. Goosebumps ride down her naked flesh, puncturing the fabric of the darkness as she slowly pushes herself into a standing position. She leans against the wall of her universe, eyes still closed to the infringing darkness. Rubbing her hands along her arms she tries to warm herself against the frigid darkness before opening her eyes. A deep breath that chills her lungs, and she opens her eyes to the darkness, letting it seep into her soul. Six finds her voice then, and she throws her head back to scream against the darkness. There is an epic battle between the light that she begins to emit and the darkness, she puts the very force of her life behind the light, the scream evolving to silence. The light flashes brilliantly against the darkness, pushing it away, but retreating just as quickly, leaving only the darkness to rush forward and fill the emptiness. And once again, there is only darkness.

“Thaon!” A shrill snap comes across the threshold as the door is shoved forward, exposing the room to the intrusion of his sister.
“What?” the accused looks up innocently from his desk, hands tucked away under his desk.
“What did I tell you?” The irate sister storms across the space between the door and the desk, her green eyes taking on that particular look of infuriation.
“That you were going to the market?” he scrubs his hands frantically against his knees, trying to get the evidence of something he wasn’t supposed to be doing off of his hands.
“And…” she stands there impatiently, arms crossed in the way she always crosses them when she’s really peeved.
“And that I’m not supposed to perform any of the more advanced rituals that we haven’t studied to the point of being able to do them in our sleep.”
“You’re not supposed to do any advanced rituals.”
“Whatever…no difference.”
“What?” he looks up at her. “How advanced is it anymore if we can just do it at will?”
“Just because we know it well, doesn’t make it less complicated, or less dangerous if we screw it up.”
“And we’re far less likely to screw it up if we know it well.” Now convinced that his hands are completely clean he stands up. “So what’s this about anyway, you were supposed to be gone like half an hour ago.”
“Like you trying to summon the Knights.” She shifts her weight and gives him a look that leaves no doubt in his mind that she caught him, but he still has to play innocent. Just in case, right?
“What?” he tries to sound offended. “Why would I do something like that? If I screw it up, it’s a really bad thing…”
“When has that stopped you before?”
“Sis, have you no faith in me?”
“Not when you want to do something as badly as you want to summon those Knights.”
“I’m hurt, Phoebe.” He places his hands across his chest, above his heart, like he’d taken an arrow. “Mortally wounded by your cruel words.”
“Give it up, Thaon.” Phoebe responds coldly, completely blasé to his performance.
“Look, if you won’t do it with me, then why can’t I do it on my own?” dropping his arms as he gives up the ruse.
“Like you said, if you screw it up, it has really bad consequences.”
“And I’lll never learn how to do it at all if I can’t practice, and I can’t practice if you refuse to work with me, unless I practice on my own. Even if I try to practice while you’re here, you still get mad at me. So that leaves my practice time to when you’re out and about and not staring over my shoulder.”
“It’s because I know that even together, we can’t handle this ritual.” She looks at him pleadingly. “Please, Thaon, don’t do it.”
He takes a deep breath, and stares at her. Pursing his lips, he shrugs. “I want to learn how to do it.”
“So study it then, memorize the full ritual, just don’t perform it.”
“Then how will I know if I memorized the right thing? Sis, either do it with me, or I’m going to do it on my own.”

She rubs the bridge of her nose, a headache developing. She looks at her brother, his short brown hair tousled by his hands running through it. “Fine.” She says resignedly, turning her back to him. “If I come back and you’ve messed up this ritual, I’m not going to fix it for you.” And with that she walks out the door, closing it gently behind her. Inside, she could hear her twin going for his tomes, and she sighs, headed down the stairs to the ground floor. Why can’t he ever show any restraint, why does he always have to have his way? She kicks the end of the floor rug back into place as she passes through the main room. Her wicker basket is sitting by the door, waiting for her with its small supply of coins and scrolls. She scoops it up on her way out the front door and throws her shawl back across her shoulders.
The market’s not that far away, but it is a brisk walk from the house. Their mother gave the house to the twins before she left. Phoebe suspects that Mother went to look for their father, but Thaon holds to a wild fantasy of his mother’s daring attempts to save the world. The house sits just a few miles outside of Branceton, on a few acres of property that runs up next to the forest, the Jenri river forms one of the borders to their property. The lush grounds are tended to by people from Branceton that need extra work, and the occasional traveler in need of a place to stay for the night. A few cats roam the property, protecting it from rats and the occasional impling. All in all, it’s a nice place, and Phoebe really enjoys living there, she just wishes that it was just a touch closer to the city.
Her thoughts keep her company as she walks, shortening the journey to the marketplace. As she focuses her self back to the real world, she smiles. The air is rich with the sweet smell of fresh bread and pastries, mixed with the slight tang of fresh slaughtered animals. People talk heatedly over the tables, arguing over prices, or hawking their wares. Hopeful self-taught bards stand on the street corners, their cacophonies of music blending together in some sort of strangely beautiful song. Phoebe breathes it all in as she nearly bounces her way down the roads, troubles with her brother summarily forgotten.
There’s a bored looking girl behind one of the booths, and Phoebe, out of curiosity, wanders over to see what’s being sold. Splayed across the table, in an almost artistic manner, is a variety of jeweled pieces of silver. A ring inset with a garnet and a small silver pendant in the shape of a tear drop with an intricate inlay of onyx catch her eye. She looks at the girl, “Did you craft these?”
“No.” The girl’s answer was as bland as unsweetened oatmeal.
“How much?”
The girl shrugs, and indicates with her chin toward the basket. “What do you have?”
“Some coin.” She responds without looking down into the contents.
“What about the paper?” the girl inquires.
“Oh, I’ve already got a buyer for it, I just have to deliver it.”
The girl narrows her eyes slightly as she leans back. “The ring is 4 kori, and for the pendant,” she leans back a bit, and thinks. “5 talsin.”
Phoebe blinks and nods. “Let me make my delivery and we’ll see.” She smiles and nods to the girl before turning around and wandering back down the street.
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