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KSB Fanfiction: Eternally Yours, Chapter Four

Hi, please call me Trinket or Enzers. This fanfiction is the first one I've written since 1997 and that was for Sailor Moon back then when I was in middle school and had not had a lot of experience with writing. My writing for the last thirteen years has been mostly in role-plays -- of which I managed to get into advanced ones, until I had to many courses during college to keep up. I do write originals... but my current original I've decided to keep offline... but here's some fanfiction I did of my favorite Yaoi couple.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters seen from Koi Suru Bo-kun, they belong to Takanaga Hinako.
Author: tatsumi_senpai 
Beta: Currently none, searching
Title: Eternally Yours
Warning: possibly language, kissing, maybe slightly OC, Yaoi (as in two men)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: After getting home from the airport, Morinaga and Senpai talk very shortly, before senpai locks himself away in his bedroom. However that doesn't last very long... feeling he needs to take a shower...but...


Previous Chapters:
Prologue: Souls in Waiting  |  Chapter One: Missing You  |  Chapter Two: Tumultuous Thoughts  | 
| Chapter Three : Retunring Home to Japan |
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