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Witch - Episode 1.05

Tara gets a blast from her past…

Voice: Oh my god!

[Tara suddenly looks up. We move into her shocked face.]

Ezra: So are you staying long?


And things don’t go according to plan this Christmas…

Kaspar: Oh god…

[Kaspar walks towards Autumn’s empty bed. Slowly, slowly. There’s a note fluttering eerily on the bed. Kaspar reaches to pick it up, slow:]

They’ll die. They’ll both die.


Kaspar: We don’t have time to think, to wait. I-I can’t just stand around when my sister’s life is on the line!

They’ve really got us now, haven’t they?

Pete: They could kill her if they find out-

Kaspar: They could kill her anyway!

Pete: [slowly] We should give them some of what they want.

Kaspar: [bitterly] That’s not all they want.

[Kaspar turns to Tara, who looks down.]


Voice: [reassuring] It’s going to be ok.

Autumn: I know. Because I know he’s coming for me.


Come or there will be blood.


There’s more in store than what’s under the tree this Christmas…

Witch 1.05 – A Christmas Past


Previous episodes - 1.01, 1.02, 1.03, 1.04

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